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Setka and Tenzing

Setka and Tenzing published on No Comments on Setka and Tenzing

Do you know about Tenzing Norgay?
Tenzing Norgay

He was Edmund Hillary’s mountaineering guide, and the two of them were the first to successfully reach the summit of Mount Everest. Hillary and John Hunt (who did not actually go to the summit) were knighted for this achievement, but Tenzing (who not only went to the top, but was carrying all the gear) simply received a medal.


It has been a long road … From a mountain coolie, a bearer of loads, to a wearer of a coat with rows of medals who is carried about in planes and worries about income tax.

He was an interesting guy who is worth reading more about.

Amazing accomplishments and a winning smile aside, the reason he’s relevant here is because he wore a pretty amazing tweed jacket.


A few years ago, this jacket was lovingly reproduced by Nigel Cabourn.

Nigel Cabourn's Tenzing jacket

The Tenzing Jacket has since drifted from the original model, and is now called the Mallory, which… welp.

Anyway, among Professor Setka’s extensive selection of tweed jackets are several inspired by Tenzing’s original, albeit tailored to his skeletal frame.
Setka's Tenzing Jacket

Personally, I think this is a key to Setka’s personality. He knows a lot, and has a lifetimes of experience, and so he can reliably find the right adventuring resources. Need a great jacket for derring-do in a wide variety of environments? This is a pretty good choice. But he’s enough of a disconnected dreamer that he misses out on some practical necessities (and takes that hyper-practical jacket to be tailored into a trim, more physically restrictive, silhouette).

Like, I imagine, during his very, very short reign as Pharoh, that he spent a lot of time and resources developing projects of immense value and vision and expense, marked by utter impracticability. Say, a pneumatic tube complex that would have run parallel with the irrigation systems in Ancient Egypt. Shame they didn’t have air compression technology.

Hmm. I’ll have to confer with Benito as to whether or not that’s canon, now.

Anyway. Tenzing. Pretty cool guy.

P.S. Way back in Week 6, Setka is sleeping in his office with a Nigel Cabourn lookbook over his face. This counts as an easter egg for a very, very narrow stratum of geek.

Setka explores the light-side of Mercury, and finds unexpected kinship among the inhabitants.

Week 23: Strange Truths in Undiscovered Lands

Week 23: Strange Truths in Undiscovered Lands published on No Comments on Week 23: Strange Truths in Undiscovered Lands

From Percy Shelley’s Alastor, The Spirit of Solitude:

By solemn vision, and bright silver dream,
His infancy was nurtured. Every sight
And sound from the vast earth and ambient air,
Sent to his heart its choicest impulses.
The fountains of divine philosophy
Fled not his thirsting lips, and all of great,
Or good, or lovely, which the sacred past
In truth or fable consecrates, he felt
And knew. When early youth had past, he left
His cold fireside and alienated home
To seek strange truths in undiscovered lands.

Hey! I’m posting this comic from a hospital bed! Neither snow nor rain nor anaphylactic reaction to a cashew that had no business being in that soup will keep this cartoonist from the swift completion of his appointed rounds! Also, I’m fine! Getting released this afternoon.

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Reviewed! published on No Comments on Reviewed!

The Mummy’s Sabbatical has been reviewed by “the first and greatest” comics review podcast, Digital Strips, in their 455th episode. They say nice things!

Two relevant points:
1. The reviewers attribute the comic to me, Joel Priddy. But this strip is created in collaboration with Benito Cereno, the co-creator and co-writer and the one responsible for all the jokes in dead languages. Their mistake is understandable, because Benito Cereno is a novella by Herman Melville, and you don’t expect to credit novellas, even ones that aren’t by Herman Melville, with authorship of web comics.

2. This is the second review in a row to compare The Mummy’s Sabbatical with Dresden Codak, which means I guess I need to read that strip.

Digital Strip reviews The Mummy’s Sabbatical

Week 22: Towards Mercury

Week 22: Towards Mercury published on No Comments on Week 22: Towards Mercury

A short chapter for a small planet.
That is absolutely what the split between Mercury’s light side and dark side looks like. It is so.

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"Broken Moon" Lyrics by J. Will Callahan, Music by Lee S. Roberts

Week 21: Count Ev’ry Broken Promise

Week 21: Count Ev’ry Broken Promise published on No Comments on Week 21: Count Ev’ry Broken Promise

Perhaps you, unlike myself, are not a complete musical ignoramus? In which case, you can download the complete sheet music for “Broken Moon,” thanks to the University of Maine. Thanks, University of Maine! Go, Fighting… Lobsters, right? I’m assuming it’s lobsters. Lumberjacks? Moose.

Oh, folks. Google tells me it’s “Bananas the Bear.” What the hell, University of Maine.

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The Almagest

The Almagest published on No Comments on The Almagest

The rocket Fran and Setka ride into space is an epicycle named The Almagest.

The Almagest prototypes
Sketches of the Almagest

Looking back, I really like the more gondola-looking designs. Oh well. Roads not taken.

Casini Apparent

“Almagest” basically means “Greatest”, by way of Greek filtered through Arabic into English. It’s a superlative nickname attached to Claudius Ptolemy’s Syntaxis Mathematica. Which, apparently, people really liked a lot.

Syntaxis Mathematica describes the motions and distances between the planets, and puts forth the geocentric model of the Solar System for which Ptolemy is still plenty famous.

Epicycle” is a term from the treatise, describing planetary orbits.

An illustration from Albert Robida's Le Vingtième Siècle, 1883
An illustration from Albert Robida’s Le Vingtième Siècle, 1883
Fran and Setka’s Almagest is inspired/blatantly ripped off from the aircraft designs of Albert Robida. If you have an affection for retro-futurism or steampunk or just amazing vintage illustrations, you are surely familiar with Robida’s work. If you’re not: Welcome to several hours of pleasurable browsing!

Moonlit soliloquy with werewolf skull.

Week 20: A Skull Kissed by Moonbeams

Week 20: A Skull Kissed by Moonbeams published on No Comments on Week 20: A Skull Kissed by Moonbeams

Hey, speaking of skulls, did you know you that bits of Percy Shelley’s skull are at the New York Public Library? It’s true! Probably.

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EDIT: Bonus points to Stephen Eidson for spotting a typo. Now fixed!

Fran waxes contemplative about one of her parents while on the run from the super-werewolf inhabitants of the giant rabbit moon.

Week 19: A Critical Eye

Week 19: A Critical Eye published on No Comments on Week 19: A Critical Eye

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