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Mascot! published on No Comments on Mascot!

Sis Boom Bah! Rah Rah Rah! Go Sciapods, Go!

You’ve heard the school fight song, now meet the mascot!

The fine athletics teams of Presbyter King University are represented by Shagmar the Scrappy Sciapod!

Sciapods are a hairy folk with one leg and one giant foot, which they use to shade themselves from the blistering desert sun. They were subjects of PKU’s patron saint, Prester John, Priest-King of Not-India, along with the Blemmyae, the Panotti, and the Cynocephelai (these last our own heroes encountered upon the Moon).


Somewhere, on some hard drive or other, I have a bunch more of these pictograms. I’ll post ’em if I find ’em.

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