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The Mummy’s Sabbatical has been reviewed by “the first and greatest” comics review podcast, Digital Strips, in their 455th episode. They say nice things!

Two relevant points:
1. The reviewers attribute the comic to me, Joel Priddy. But this strip is created in collaboration with Benito Cereno, the co-creator and co-writer and the one responsible for all the jokes in dead languages. Their mistake is understandable, because Benito Cereno is a novella by Herman Melville, and you don’t expect to credit novellas, even ones that aren’t by Herman Melville, with authorship of web comics.

2. This is the second review in a row to compare The Mummy’s Sabbatical with Dresden Codak, which means I guess I need to read that strip.

Digital Strip reviews The Mummy’s Sabbatical

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