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The Almagest

The Almagest published on No Comments on The Almagest

The rocket Fran and Setka ride into space is an epicycle named The Almagest.

The Almagest prototypes
Sketches of the Almagest

Looking back, I really like the more gondola-looking designs. Oh well. Roads not taken.

Casini Apparent

“Almagest” basically means “Greatest”, by way of Greek filtered through Arabic into English. It’s a superlative nickname attached to Claudius Ptolemy’s Syntaxis Mathematica. Which, apparently, people really liked a lot.

Syntaxis Mathematica describes the motions and distances between the planets, and puts forth the geocentric model of the Solar System for which Ptolemy is still plenty famous.

Epicycle” is a term from the treatise, describing planetary orbits.

An illustration from Albert Robida's Le Vingtième Siècle, 1883
An illustration from Albert Robida’s Le Vingtième Siècle, 1883
Fran and Setka’s Almagest is inspired/blatantly ripped off from the aircraft designs of Albert Robida. If you have an affection for retro-futurism or steampunk or just amazing vintage illustrations, you are surely familiar with Robida’s work. If you’re not: Welcome to several hours of pleasurable browsing!

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