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"Broken Moon" Lyrics by J. Will Callahan, Music by Lee S. Roberts

Week 21: Count Ev’ry Broken Promise

Week 21: Count Ev’ry Broken Promise published on No Comments on Week 21: Count Ev’ry Broken Promise

Perhaps you, unlike myself, are not a complete musical ignoramus? In which case, you can download the complete sheet music for “Broken Moon,” thanks to the University of Maine. Thanks, University of Maine! Go, Fighting… Lobsters, right? I’m assuming it’s lobsters. Lumberjacks? Moose.

Oh, folks. Google tells me it’s “Bananas the Bear.” What the hell, University of Maine.

In other news: Thank you for your votes at Top Web Comics! Please keep them coming! You can vote everyday, and it is a big help for getting the word out about our little strip!

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