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Setka explores the light-side of Mercury, and finds unexpected kinship among the inhabitants.

Week 23: Strange Truths in Undiscovered Lands

Week 23: Strange Truths in Undiscovered Lands published on No Comments on Week 23: Strange Truths in Undiscovered Lands

From Percy Shelley’s Alastor, The Spirit of Solitude:

By solemn vision, and bright silver dream,
His infancy was nurtured. Every sight
And sound from the vast earth and ambient air,
Sent to his heart its choicest impulses.
The fountains of divine philosophy
Fled not his thirsting lips, and all of great,
Or good, or lovely, which the sacred past
In truth or fable consecrates, he felt
And knew. When early youth had past, he left
His cold fireside and alienated home
To seek strange truths in undiscovered lands.

Hey! I’m posting this comic from a hospital bed! Neither snow nor rain nor anaphylactic reaction to a cashew that had no business being in that soup will keep this cartoonist from the swift completion of his appointed rounds! Also, I’m fine! Getting released this afternoon.

Another Hey! Please VOTE! for THE MUMMY’S SABBATICAL at Top Web Comics! We spent about five days on the Top 50 List, if you can believe it! We’ve since slipped, but we’re doing well, and the support and feedback is a deeply appreciated. You can vote every danged day!

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