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Week 26: Sweet Expectation’s Ray

Week 26: Sweet Expectation’s Ray published on No Comments on Week 26: Sweet Expectation’s Ray

They scoffed when Fran packed sheets upon sheets of stickers for her interplanetary expedition—but who’s laughing now?

Speaking of stickers, did you know that archeologists have found what they are pretty sure are the world’s oldest stickers at Ancient Egyptian sites? A theory is that the Egyptians used stickers in the marketplace as price tags and for what we would now call point-of-purchase advertising. And you know what else was found at an Ancient Egyptian archaeology site? SETKA! Isn’t it amazing how even the silliest bit of business becomes profoundly relevant if you google long enough?

As another month starts to wrap up, The MUMMY’S SABBATICAL continues to do well over at TOP WEB COMICS! This very living morning we broke 1000 votes for the month, and have spent the entire month in the TOP 100! Thanks so much for all your support! Please keep VOTING!

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