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The Tingler! and, more generally, Benito.

The Tingler! and, more generally, Benito. published on No Comments on The Tingler! and, more generally, Benito.

The Mummy’s Sabbatical’s own Benito Cereno is an expert on many things, including Christmas Lore, Antiquity, Comics, and—most appropriate to the season—the expansive genre of Horror. And he’s written a piece for “Horror Month” over at the Robot’s Pajamas about master huckster William Castle and his famous piece of cinema gimmickry, The Tingler. It’s worth a read. Benito is pretty danged good with words.

Want more of Benito’s words when they aren’t locked in a death struggle for dominance with my own petty scrawlings? He’s a regular writer over at Comics Alliance. He scripts a lot of trivia primer videos for pop culture touchstones, but I’d especially point you to his tributes of great cartoonists past, which are always 1000% on point.

Ramona Fradon
C.C. Beck
Carl Barks
Otto Binder
And, of course, the grandaddy of us all, Winsor McKay

A good way to keep up with all his doings (and to enjoy his wonderful, hilarious, erudite answers to readers’ questions) is to follow his Tumblr, Burgeoning Lads of Science.

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